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Ashtapathi Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Downloadl

Ashtapathi Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Downloadl

Ashtapathi or Ashtapadi is a collection of Sanskrit hymns composed by the 12th century poet Jayadeva. The hymns describe the love and devotion of Lord Krishna and the gopis, especially Radha, in a highly poetic and musical style. Ashtapathi is considered a masterpiece of esoteric spirituality and the theme of 'Divine romance'.[2]

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The word Ashtapathi means 'eight steps', referring to the fact that each hymn is made of eight couplets (eight sets of two lines). The hymns are set to various ragas and talas and are sung as part of the kirtan (devotional singing) tradition. The Ashtapathi is also known as the Gita Govinda, which means 'The Song of the Cowherd'.[2]

The Ashtapathi is divided into 12 cantos, each containing 24 hymns. The first canto is an invocation to Lord Krishna and describes his various attributes. The second to tenth cantos depict the different stages of love between Krishna and Radha, from their first meeting to their final union. The eleventh canto describes the separation of Krishna from Radha and the other gopis, as he leaves for Mathura. The twelfth canto is a prayer to Krishna to return to Vrindavan and reunite with his beloveds.[3]

The Ashtapathi is not only a lyrical expression of love, but also a profound exposition of the philosophy of bhakti (devotion) and rasa (aesthetic emotion). The poet Jayadeva skillfully blends the erotic and the spiritual, the human and the divine, in his verses. He portrays Krishna as both the supreme God and the playful lover, who delights in the company of his devotees. He also depicts Radha as both the devoted consort and the supreme Goddess, who bestows grace and bliss upon her beloved. The Ashtapathi celebrates the union of Radha and Krishna as the ultimate goal of life, which transcends all worldly pleasures and pains.[2]

The Ashtapathi has been translated into many languages, including Tamil. The Tamil version of the Ashtapathi is available in PDF format for download from various sources on the internet. One such source is [this link], which provides the Ashtapathi lyrics in Tamil along with their meanings in English. The PDF file contains 108 pages and can be downloaded for free.[1]

The Ashtapathi is a treasure of Indian literature and culture, which has inspired generations of poets, musicians, dancers, and devotees. It is a sublime expression of love, devotion, and beauty, which can elevate the mind and soul of anyone who reads or listens to it.


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