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Skyrim Placeable Furniture Mod

Ever felt like you should be able to redecorate your house, any way you want? Shouldn't you be able to move chairs or beds, and then be able to use them where you put them? Grab, move, store, buy, place, rotate and nudge nearly any furniture and static! Perfect to organize your Hearthfire home or Dawnguard Castles!

skyrim placeable furniture mod


Lastly, open your chair placeable object in the Furniture category of the Object Window. Select the attached CampPlaceableObject script and select Properties.

KEMO Chairs is a selection of NWN2 placeables with attached scripts and animations that allow all major races to sit naturally in a variety of positions, with little to no adjustment by PW developers. KEMO Chairs is intended to be used in persistent worlds.

Now you can drop your furniture on the flat surface with "F" (this key, when used while an object is active, will drop it to the next surface) and read the number you need directly in the Z-Position. I suggest rounding it down a bit, to make sure the newly placed furniture will never float. In my case, I get 72.8285, so I use 72.

Caution! It is not certain that mods made this way will always be compatible with new MOO versions. If MOO gets an update, you need to check if there are any changes, to both the inis and to how furniture is implemented in the esp.

Our next Settlement mod if Do it Yourshelf. This mod helps you fill up empty book shelves and provide some more realism to settlements. After installing this mod, you will find premade clutter items in the building menu, which will simply snap into the shelf spaces. Items can be found under furniture > do it yourself. This is by far the easiest way to create clutter and actually make parts of your settlements look unique and lived in without doing much work.

The Strange Capsule is a furniture item that works similarly to the Stone Owl. After the first year, there's a chance it will appear on the farm overnight. There's something more to this one, though. After three days, the Strange Capsule will break, and whatever was inside vanishes. 350c69d7ab


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