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Os Tropeiros Dvd 3 Download

Os Tropeiros DVD 3 Download - How to Watch the Final Part of the Documentary Series

Os Tropeiros (The Drovers) is a documentary series produced by Globo Rural, a Brazilian TV program that covers topics related to agriculture and rural life. The series tells the story of the tropeiros, the men who traveled on horseback across Brazil, transporting goods and cattle from one region to another. The series consists of three parts, each one focusing on a different route and period of the tropeirismo history.

The first part, Os Tropeiros I - Começa a Marcha (The Drovers I - The March Begins), shows the origins of the tropeirismo in the 17th century, when the Portuguese colonizers started to explore the interior of Brazil in search of gold and precious stones. The second part, Os Tropeiros II - A Travessia (The Drovers II - The Crossing), depicts the expansion of the tropeirismo in the 18th and 19th centuries, when the drovers crossed the mountains and rivers to reach new markets and regions. The third and final part, Os Tropeiros III - A Jornada Final (The Drovers III - The Final Journey), portrays the decline and transformation of the tropeirismo in the 20th century, when the advent of railways and roads reduced the need for long-distance horseback travel.

os tropeiros dvd 3 download

The series was originally aired on TV in 2006, and later released on DVD in 2007. However, finding a copy of the DVD can be difficult nowadays, as it is out of print and not widely available in stores or online platforms. Fortunately, there are some ways to watch or download Os Tropeiros DVD 3 online, legally and for free. Here are some options:

  • YouTube: The official Globo Rural channel on YouTube has uploaded the full episodes of Os Tropeiros III, as well as some extra features and interviews. You can watch them online or download them using a YouTube downloader tool. You can find the playlist for Os Tropeiros III [here].

  • GloboPlay: GloboPlay is a streaming service that offers access to Globo's TV shows and movies, including Globo Rural's documentaries. You can watch Os Tropeiros III online or download them to your device using the GloboPlay app. You need to create an account and subscribe to GloboPlay, but you can get a free trial for seven days. You can find more information about GloboPlay [here].

  • Globo Rural website: The official website of Globo Rural has a section dedicated to Os Tropeiros, where you can find articles, photos, videos, and podcasts about the series. You can also download some PDF files with maps, timelines, and historical information about the tropeirismo. You can access the website [here].

Os Tropeiros is a fascinating and informative series that showcases an important part of Brazil's history and culture. If you are interested in learning more about the drovers and their journeys across the country, you should definitely watch or download Os Tropeiros DVD 3 online.


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