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Kazuki Kurosawa

Abstract  / Calligraphy / Anime / Japonism

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Japanese artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan.


From an early age, he grew up drawing pictures and Manga, but also developed a talent for a variety of sports, playing volleyball, swimming, soccer, and gymnastics. During his junior high school years, he had trouble with relationships, gradually lost his artistic purity and learned the need for synchronicity (pressure) and identification to survive in a group. Then, in high school, he spent three years in a strict military-like gymnasium, taking classes and playing volleyball as a club activity, and lived a hellish life. Here, too, he continued struggling with issues of human relationships, syncretism and identification. At the same time, however, he was subjected to a series of life-and-death hardships and disciplines that gave his body and mind an unusual workout, which would have a profound impact on the rest of his life. Then, after graduating from high school, he entered Takushoku University, a four-year university. He started modeling and working in the restaurant industry, but left after a few months.

After that, he voluntarily withdrew from the university when he entered his third year, he became a recluse at home. Then, as if by fate, there was a pen and paper on the desk in front of him, and he drew like a child. His maiden work "Invasion" was drawn. Since then, he became fascinated with art and began to paint every day, focusing mainly on expressing his own emotions on canvas as well as the worldview in his brain. It was also at this time that he began to devote himself to reading and various studies not only about art, but also politics, economics, ideology, business, psychology, history, literature, medicine, philosophy and sociology.


Influenced by Yukio Mishima, he began to create works that reflect the beauty and pride of Japan, the Yamato spirit, hagakure, and the philosophy of bushido. He is also inspired by Taro Okamoto and Picasso, and as he completed works of various types and techniques in his own style, he realized that it was abstract painting that brought out the best in him, and he began to devote himself to the study of abstract painting. He now succeeds in creating a unique abstract world that incorporates visual art, eroticism, Kanji, minimalism and objects within the abstract world. 


And speaking of him, he is a scholar of Japan's unique otaku culture. He has watched thousands of anime and studied their characteristics and artistry by genre. He also creates abstract expressions and art collaborations of unique otaku culture such as Japanese anime, manga, and figurines. In the course of his daily practice of calligraphy, he has rediscovered the high artistic quality of letters and Kanji characters, and has been creating works such as "Overlapping Kanji" and "Kanji Party" in earnest.

In 2021 and 2022, he is partner with Greece360 for a solo exhibition.
After that, he launch the Moji Mania World project in order to complete his expression of the beauty of letters, Kanji, and the Japanese language by making it known all over the world.

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